3rd Biennial international Hybrid Conference of PUGA

The Pakistan Urogynaecologist Association since its inception its working hard to meet two edges of need regarding the patients’ diseases and doctors for their training and learning. We are striving hard to impart knowledge and skill to the clinician of Ob/Gyn at all levels. PUGA organized three international biennial conferences; all of them were endorsed by IUGA. The 1st conference was held in Feb. 10th & 11th Feb 2018.

 2nd Biennial conference was Hybrid held in COVID pandemic year in Karachi from 20- 21 march 2021.

 3rd Biennial International conference was held on 24th & 25th Feb 2023 at Lahore.

The 3rd Biennial international Hybrid conference was endorsed by IUGA, Asia Oceana preceded (AOFOG) & Society of Obstetrics & Gynecology (SOGP). A series of preconference workshops held in different hospitals for the local participants in different cities, topics included were urodynamic made easy, surgical workshop on sacrospinous fixation & Laparoscopic Hysterectomy.  

The final event of two days’ program held in Services Institute of Medical Sciences(SIMS), Services Hospital Lahore. Its inaugural session was graced by chief guest Health minister of Punjab Prof. Dr. Javaid Akram a renowned physician with more than hundred research articles on his credit. He offered unconditional support for enhancing provision of urogynaecology services and promoting research across Punjab. The Principal of SIMS, Prof.  Dr. Farooq Afzal, a very learned general surgeon was guest of honor.  President PUGA Prof. Haleema Hashmi, Prof. Shagufta Tahir Vice President (Sindh), Prof. Tayyiba Wasim Secretary General PUGA, Prof. Nazli Hameed vice- President (Punjab) & Prof. Ruqqiya Sultana Vice President (KPK) attended the ceremony & shared their views and future plans.

The theme of conference was “Innovation The way forward”. There were 20 national speakers and 8 international speakers who imparted knowledge from their wisdom and experience. More than 40 well known and well respected professors were involved as panelists, chair and co-chair persons; and played an integral part in the conference.

The event had both in-person and online participation of PUGA members. The imminent international speakers joined on line because it was hybrid in nature, it helped the exchange of learning experience with them in question answer part in all sessions.

Dr. Hung Man Jung (chair of AOFOG) joined us from Taiwan and delivered his lecture on intravesical therapy of painful bladder syndrome. Dr. Wai cheong yoong from UK describe the management of resistant overactive bladder. Dr. Rizwan Hameed, member of IUGA and editorial member of TOG (JOURNAL OF RCOG) joined us from UK and highlighted the importance of functional urodynamic and its implications. Dr Raja Maheswari Kumari, member of IUGA and editorial member of TOG (Journal of RCOG) delivered lecture on how to prevent vault prolapse. Dr. Agustina Vendramini from Argentina, member of IUGA told us about the tips and tricks of apical sling for sacrospinous hysteropexy. Dr. sayeba Akhtar from Bangladesh highlights the iatrogenic fistula challenges in fistula elimination. Dr. Suvit Bunyavejchevin joined us from Thailand has described the current management of stress urinary incontinence Dr. Lucila Ines Paven from Argentina, member of IUGA delivered a lecture on vaginal reconstruction in rockitansky syndrome.

 Around 300 participants attended conference in person and on line, certificates were awarded to both participants & speakers, e- certificates were sent to online attendees.  Following main topics were discussed in these sessions.


  • Urinary Tract disorders
  • Assessment of Functional urodynamic
  • Urogenital Prolapse
  • Fistula Approach and management
  • Urinary Incontinence and its management
  • Perineal Repair and its repair

A mesmerizing gala dinner and musical program was also organized on the evening of day 1 for the worthy participants.

Certificate Distribution and Closing Ceremony

Certificates were distributed among all the speakers and participants by the chief guest Prof Javed Akram and Principal SIMS Prof Muhammad Farooq Afzal.

Prof. Tayyiba Wasim wrapped up the remarkable event with her closing remarks and vote of thanks for her tireless team and everyone involved in making the conference a success. Participants and audience highly appreciated the conference.  The conference ended on a high note with a shared sentiment of admiration for the organizing and management committees.

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