Following persons can be members of Society:

• Gynecologists and midwives with special interest in urogynecology will be the member of society.

• They all will be honorary members and the life membership will be PKR 5000/- (Five Thousand Pak rupees) for doctors & annual membership 1000/= (one thousand Pak rupee) for nurses and midwives 500/= per year.

• Doctors, nurses and midwives with special interest in urogynecology can be associate members.

• The Secretary of the PUGA will maintain a register of its members which shall be open to inspection by the members of the Society. 

• All members shall cease to be members on tendering resignation in writing.

• The “Executive Committee of the PUGA” may by a vote of two thirds of the members present at a meeting remove any Member from membership of the Association provided the notice of such proposed action and opportunity for explanation has been given to the member concerned and provided that the item had been included in the agenda of the meeting in which such action is taken.

• Such action shall, however, not been taken unless the “Executive Committee of the PUGA” comes to the conclusion that the members concerned has been guilty of deliberate violation of the provisions of the Memorandum of Society and /or the Rules and Regulations of the Society.

• All such actions of the Executive Committee of the Society shall be subject to confirmation by the General body at its meeting immediately following.

• Accounts of the society will be open by Finance Secretary and it should be handled by Finance and General Secretary.


  • Life memberships in year 2014 were nearly hundred.
  • PUGA ID card will only be issued to life members.
  • Discount in symposia/ conference will be given to life members only.
  • Workshops fee will be less for members
  • Life members need to fill up the registration form and attach one picture soft/hard copy along with fee.


  • US$130 IUGA web access, Electronic IUJ access & 12 issues IUJ hardcopy
  • US$100 IUGA web access & Electronic IUJ
  • US$50 IUGA web Access only


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Dr. Pushpa Srichand Sachdev
Dr. Sher Shah Syed
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Dr. Rahila Mohsin
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Dr. Shabnum Asim
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Dr. Sabohi Mehdi
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Dr. Fareeha Farooq
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Dr. Sadia Khan
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Faaisal Abad

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