i. The Annual General body Meeting of the PUGA will be held once every year and the interval between such meetings should not exceed a period of 18 months.

ii. The Annual General body Meeting shall be convened by the order of the President who shall also decide upon the venue for such meetings.

iii. Notices of an Annual General body Meeting shall be sent to every member by post, under a certificate of posting whose registered address is available with the PUGA.

iv. Notices shall be sent at least 14 days prior to the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting and it shall be accompanied by agenda specifying the business intended to be transacted at such meeting.

v. At each Annual General Meeting the annual report and the financial statement for the last year and the budget estimates for the following year shall be presented and Chartered Accountant shall be appointed for auditing the Accounts for the current year.

vi. At each Annual General Meeting shall be presided over the president ‘or in the President’s absence by the Vice-President some other member may be elected by the Members present to take the chair.


i. Extraordinary General Meeting may be called in consultation with President for any specific purpose.

ii. The notice for an extra-ordinary General Meeting together with its agenda shall be sent in the same manner as that of Annual Meeting except that the period with its agenda shall be 7 days.

iii. An extra-ordinary general meeting shall be presided over in the same manner as a Annual General Meeting.


At all the General Meetings, whether Annual or Extraordinary, members shall from the quorum. If there is no quorum with in 30 minutes of the timed fixed for such meeting, the meeting shall be adjourned to be held after 30 minutes. If at such adjourned meeting there be no quorum, urgent business which may be certified as such by the General Secretary may be transacted provided three members other than the office bearers are present who shall from the quorum for such purposes.


a. All questions shall be decided by the majority of votes of members present taken by show of hands.

b. In the event of the votes being evenly divided the President/Chairperson shall have a second or casting vote.

c. No resolution passed at an Annual General Meeting or at Extraordinary General Meeting shall be rendered invalid merely because of non-receipt of notice of such meeting by a member.


I. The following shall be office-bearers of the Society

• President………..……….. 1

• Vice-President…………....1

• Secretary……………….....1

• Treasurer……………….....1

• Executive Members……... 11

II. All the office-bearers shall be elected at an annual general meeting of the members of the Society for a term of three years.

III. All the office-bearers will hold office in honorary capacities unless the General Body otherwise determines.

IV. The Secretary and Treasurer shall exercise powers and perform such functions as may be specified in these rules or the Standing Orders.


The president will be responsible for the Society act in the Section 16 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860, Act, XXI of 1860.


a) All office Bearers of the Society.

b) The Executive Committee shall have all power and perform all such functions as are the powers and functions of the Society mentioned in the Memorandum of Society and the rules, except those which are required to be done by the General Body under these rules.

c) The Executive Committee shall be empowered to set up Committee and Sub-Committees for conduct of business of the Association and to delegate its powers and functions to such committees and sub-committee and to any of its officers except those which are required to be performed by the Executive Committee itself under these rules.

d) The Executive Committee shall be empowered to regulate its own procedure and the procedure of the Committees and sub-committees set up by it and to specify by standing orders the functions to be performed by the office bearers and the officers of the Association

e) The decisions of the Executive Committee shall normally be taken at a meeting of the committee.

f) An ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee shall be called by the President at any time and an extraordinary meeting shall be called on the requisitions in writing made by any five members of the Executive Committee.

g) The notice of a meeting of the Executive Committee whether ordinary or extra-ordinary specifying the place, date and hour of the meeting together with the agenda of the business to be transacted shall be sent to every member of the Executive Committee under certificate of posting to the member’s registered address five days in advance of the date of the meeting.

h) An emergent meeting of the Executive Committee may be called by the President upon giving the members such period of notice as may appear to the President to be reasonable.

i) The meeting of the Executive Committee shall be presided over the by the President and in his absence by one of the Vice-President elected by the members present. In the absence of the said office-bearers the members present shall elect a Chairman to preside over the meeting.

j) At all meeting of the Executive Committee five members shall from a quorum.

k) All decisions shall be taken by the majority vote of the members present. In the event of the votes being evenly divided, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

l) No resolution passed by the Executive Committee shall be deemed to be invalid merely on the ground that the notice of the meeting at which the resolution is passed had not reached a particular member or members.

m) In cases of urgency a decision of the Executive Committee in respect of matters within the competence of the Committee may be obtained by circulation of a proposal among the members of the Executive Committee as the case may be.

n) Any decision of the Executive Committee arrived at in this manner shall gave the same validity as decision taken in an ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee.


i. The bankers of the PUGA shall be such bankers as decided by the Executive Committee.

ii. The financial year of the PUGA will be from the 1st Jan to 31st Dec of following year.

iii. The financial powers of the PUGA including receipts and expenditure as well as investments shall be exercised by such committees and officers and in such manner as may be prescribed by the Executive Committee.

iv. The accounts of the PUGA shall be audited each year by an Auditor appointed by the Executive Committee.

v. The Secretary shall maintain the minutes of the meeting authenticated by the Chairman of the meeting at which the minutes are confirmed.

vi. The Executive Committee shall be charged with the management of all properties vested in the Association. It shall be empowered to receive and disburse through the appropriate officials of the Society in accordance with the provisions of the Standing Orders all moneys and properties both movables and immovable on behalf of the Association.

vii. All contracts entered into on behalf of the Association shall be required to be made authenticated in such manner as may be determined by the Executive Committee.

viii. None of these rules shall be repeated or altered and new rules shall be made except in accordance with Rules and Regulations as per the provisions of Section 12 and 12-A of the Society Registration Act, 1860.

ix. Interpretation of these rules shall be vested entirely in the Executive Committee.


This meeting was invited with following agenda;

1. Application for account opening in Rashid Minhas Road Branch of Habib metro Bank, Signature by members in the presence of Managers.
2. Meeting with Branch Managers
3. Upcoming events of PUGA

Meeting was attended by

1. Dr. Shagufta Tahir
2. Dr. Raheela Mohsin
3. Prof. Haleema Hashmi
4. Dr. Novera Chughtai
5. Prof. Shabnum Shamim Asim
6. Prof. Pushpa Srichand ( president could not attend)
7. Dr. Shahnaz Hussaini ( on leave)

Minutes of Meeting;

The meeting started at 1.00 pm at Obs/Gynae department of LNH.
General Secretary informed, the members that the application was given in May 2014 was under process in conventional banking of Habib Metro refused after 4 months. After refusal from Summit bank who refused after 5 months of processing due to reservations by their compliance department. None of the bank gave any reason for delaying and finally refusal of account. We requested again the Habib metro Islamic Banking Rashid Minhas Road. Today the branch manager from Rashid Minhas Road came for meeting with members of committee. All members signed bank document in front of them and gave their CNIC card copy and service card copy. They enquired about the agenda of association, copy of its bylaws was provided to them. Since Professor Pushpa could not come to attend this meeting papers were sent for signature. Dr. Shahnaz Hussaini signed one day before, because she was going to Singapore on a family trip. She signed as treasurer of PUGA. Dr. Novera Cgughtai joined as executive member in committee of PUGA, we give a warm welcome in association and assume her Presence & active participation will be asset of the PUGA.

Dr. Raheela Mohsin, Dr. Novera, Dr. Shabnum Shamim and Professor Haleema Hashmi communicated for upcoming events of PUGA. Since the Launching of PUGA was on 15th February 2014 at Kehkashan Hall in Pearl continental Hotel Karachi, this was decided that at the occasion of 1st Anniversary of PUGA an Annual Meeting should be invited in which the events in 1st year would be presented, the achievements and difficulties at present and future plans would be presented by General Secretary, President, Vice President & Executive members. This program will be communicated to all of members.

The next event which is the 2nd National Symposium of PUGA going to be held in Lahore on 6th & 7th March 2015. This is Organized by Professor Saquib Siddique & Dr. Fareeha Farooq in Akhtar Saeed Medical College. This is going to be 2 days activity on 6th there would be 4 workshops & on 7th March one day sessions will be organized, the scientific program is under process of finalization. The meeting ended with the comments that the members will join these events and try to give their active response.


The meeting was invited by general Secretary Dr. Shagufta Tahir on 23.7.15 at Liaquat National Hospital Faculty lounge. The meeting was attended by Executive members Prof. Haleema Hashmi, Prof. Tazeen Fatima Munim, Dr. Shagufta Tahir, Dr. Shahnaz Hussaini, regrets by Prof. Shabnum Shamim, Dr. Novera Chughtai, No Response by Dr. Raheela Mohsin, Members responded on e mail Prof. Azizunnisa, Prof. Nasira Tasneem, Dr. Nazli Hameed. Madam President Dr. Pushpa Srichand responded on Phone and email. Dr. Shershah outside country and Dr. Saboohi did not responded.

Meeting started at 1.30 pm till 3.00 pm.


Eid Greetings and approval of min. of last meeting held in Jan.2015

2nd point in agenda discussed; The efforts of whole PUGA team during its initial days of formation shall be appreciated formally by sending proper welcome letters. Since the working committee was formed by the help of only seven members in order to open Bank account due to its technical difficulties. The main Founding cabinet of PUGA executive members includes total 12 members plus four office bearers for 1st term of 3 years.

Next cabinet will be elected by the voting from general body. Current cabinet includes from Karachi Prof. Tazeen Fatima Abbas, Prof. Shabnum Shamim, Dr. Novera Chughtai, Prof. Hasan Fatima, Dr. Saboohi Mehdi, from Sindh Dr. Shershah, From Punjab, Dr. Nazli Hameed, Dr. Nasira Tasneem, from KPK, Prof. Azizunnisa, Prof. Zahida Parveen, from Balouchistan Dr. Rukhsana Kassi, Dr. Fareeda Kakar.

Four Office bearer include; President Prof. Pushpa Srichand Sachdev, Vice President Dr. Raheela Mohsin, General Secretary Dr. Shagufta Tahir, Treasurer Dr. Shahnaz Hussaini. 3rd Point in Agenda; was the change of treasurer. Dr. Shahnaz Akbar Hussaini wants to resign from the post of treasurer because of her own family issues. Dr. Saeeda Bano will take over the responsibilities from now onwards.

4th Point; Dr. Raheela Mohsin sent an e mail that due to her huge commitment with in AKUH she would not be able to take care of her responsibilities in PUGA, she was asked to submit her resignation in writing then it would be forwarded to President for further action. This was discussed that the post of Vice president will require nominations. Professor Haleema Hashmi was nominated due her immense experience of working in SOGP and being a senior executive member however if other nominee will be there the election will take place by voting with in executive committee members.

5th Point; IUGA membership mail was sent by Amy to all members, the members should visit website and down load patient awareness leaflets the after translation and approval by PUGA members would be published for Pakistani Patients from the platform of PUGA in Urdu. Prof. Haleema Hashmi told members that as affiliated society PUGA members should attend Annual meeting of IUGA where they provide Table to societies to display their Publications, work, marketing materials. In next meeting we must remain prepared to participate their event.

6th Point Next Year international conference should be organized because its late for this year, there is FIGO in 1st week of October, SAFOG in Nov. & SOGP conf. in December. There lot of national and international conf. in coming months. Urogynae conf. by ICS in Vancouver will be in Nov.2015. The Venue of Abbottabad will be very good in Feb or March.

National event should be organized by PUGA said Prof. Tazeen Abbas she emphasized on the fact that in past few months there were lot of Urogyna CME arranged by Getz Pharma, where they invited urologist and gynaecologists and discussed overactive bladder by using platform of PAUS or Continence society.

7th Point; Dr. Shagufta Tahir informed committee for her appointment as Prof. of Obs & Gynae in Sahiwal Medical College she joined her new Job recently and she will move in near Future from Karachi to Punjab. The duties of PUGA office will be taken care of by Madam Prof. Haleema Hashmi in Karachi she will facilitate activities in Karachi. PMA house is the current Official PUGA office but the working is being facilitated from Liaquat National Hospital. Prof. Tazeen Fatima will be joining Prof. Haleema Hashmi in mobilizing Public Sector along with Private sector in Karachi.

8th Point; POP-Q workshop will be held in Karachi on 30 July 2015 its credit hours will be Awarded by Jinnah Institute of Sindh Medical University, facilitation will be done by Dr. Shagufta Tahir and it will be Organized by Prof. Haleema Hashmi and Prof. Tazeen Fatima at Research & Skills Development Lab at LNH.

THE LAUNCHING CEREMONY OF Pakistan urogynecologist Association